Type RC Refurbishment Closer

  • PVCU + Polythene and siliconised insulating glass.
  • 2400mm long x 120 x45mm
  • Packed in 10's
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Type RC Refurbishment Cavicloser.

The Type RC Refurbishment Cavicloser fills the gap exposed when a window or doorframe is removed from a cavity wall that has not been 'closed'. This status is regularly encountered during door and window replacement schemes. The Type RC has a rigid faceplate to which is attached a compressible polythene sleeve containing a flexible insulating medium.

This flexibility permits the sleeve to be compressed and easily introduced into an open cavity. As the compression releases the sleeve expands to take up the cavity width encountered. In addition to the thermal zoning of the reveal, there are acoustic benefits, as the insulating medium interrupts the direct sound path that previously existed where the frame meets the cavity. The Type RC Refurbishment Closer supercedes the original Type O. It is supplied in 2400mm lengths and may be used in applications where the exposed cavity width is between 40 - 100mm.


For insertion into existing open cavities to instantly upgrade structures when replacing window and doorframes.


  • PVCU + Polythene and siliconised insulating glass.
  • 2.1m & 2.4m lengths x 120 x45mm
  • Packed in 10's