Damp Proofing

Type B Vertical DPC Cavitray

  • Black polypropylene
  • Standard 2440mm lengths.
  • Type B Standard 130mm wide x 2440mm length
  • Type B Insulated 130mm wide x 2440mm length (mineral rock insulation)
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The Type B semi-rigid vertical cavitray may be introduced into the existing exterior skin of a cavity wall following vertical cutting of the masonry to provide a 4mm slot. The Type B establishes a permanent DPC presence. Addressing this vertical requirement in addition to any horizontal requirement (see Type E) is important where a skin changes status by virtue of an extension being added to an existing structure. Where metal profile links are employed to attach masonry and the existing wall is not cut-out to create T-junction cavity continuity, the Type B approach can introduce DPC integrity.


Provides vertical DPC element to existing cavity wall.

Insulated Version

A folded rigid DPC version of the Type B with sandwiched compressible insulation


  • Black polypropylene
  • Standard 2440mm lengths.
  • Suits standard brickwork skin.