Damp Proofing

Type LTT Level Threshold Tray

  • Isolates damp masonry.
  • Level threshold compatible.
  • Easy interfacing of horizontal and vertical arrangements.
  • Sizes for all opening dimensions.
  • Ready-shaped solid polypropylene DPC.
  • Not visible when installed.
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Type LTT Level Threshold Tray (Threshold Isolation DPC)

The Type LTT encapsulates the threshold masonry so the transmittance of damp from the exterior skin inwardly or from the inner skin upwardly is prevented regardless of the manner the flooring is interfaced. The Type LTT is available in a range of standard opening sizes. In isolating one of the areas most susceptible to damp transference, the Type LTT permits abutting flooring, abutting insulation and dpc's / membranes to continue over an inner skin and converge with an exterior skin that itself is isolated from dampness at the point of convergence.


Permits internal and external floor levels to interface at an opening within a cavity wall.


  • Level threshold compatible.
  • Isolates against rising and penetrating damp.
  • Permits floor finishes to interface.
  • Sizes for all opening dimensions.
  • Ready-shaped solid polypropylene DPC.
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