Damp Proofing

Type CD Cavity Dropcloaks

  • DPC control independent of external masonry skin.
  • Uninterrupted structural bonding of outer skin.
  • Traditional and timber frame compatibility.
  • Available in all dimensions.
  • Establishes integral Platt Band & Dentil cavity separation.
  • Black Polypropylne DPC
  • Dimensioned to suit all Cavitray and Cavicloak applications
  • Stopend facility and expansion facility
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Architectural masonry features such as dentils, running break stones or stringcourses often restrict, reduce or interrupt the cavity plane. Thus it is always desirable to minimise and protect against the affects of any volume wash of water around such features. If such masonry features occur towards the top of a cavity wall, any dpc in the external skin separates the masonry below from the masonry above. The bonding is broken and the masonry mass is isolated. The external skin is weakened at the very point where it should ideally be strengthened.

Type CD Cavity Dropcloaks can eliminate such problems. Dropcloaks are preformed dpc sections moulded in petheleyne biased to takeup a wide range of cavity dimensions. Type CD Dropcloaks do not break or affect the bonding of the external skin. Structural stability is enhanced rather than reduced, weakened or isolated. Cloaking to guard against damp transmission is achieved dropping from the inner leaf only, but protecting from damp in the outer leaf.


To prevent damp penetration via a masonry feature within an external skin, without envelopment within that skin. Thus structural integrity is unaffected and masonry mass is maintained.


  • Black petheleyne
  • Dimensioned to suit all cavitray and Cavicloak applications
  • Stopend facility and expansion facility