Damp Proofing

Type P Cavitray

  • DPC integrity regardless of wind direction.
  • Enhanced parapet structural stability.
  • Takes up cavity variances.
  • Unobstructed cavity compartment area.
  • Lip protects flashing bedding course.
  • Eliminates course interruption.
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The Type P cavitray is a rigid horizontal DPC, manufactured in long lengths. Preformed angles enable the complete installation of a parapet damp course to be carefully planned and controlled. It is self-supporting and requires building-in to one skin only.

Accordingly, the structural stability of the parapet is enhanced when compared with parapet standard details and related problems. Water collected within the cavity can discharge against the inside face of the building’s exterior skin. Penetrating water therefore discharges regardless of the direction of the prevailing wind or rain, whilst also permitting the cavity to breathe. Type P cavitrays can be supplied in almost any special size with dimensions to suit client’s particular needs. Adjoining lengths glove-lap to make up runs. Always state actual cavity width.


To weatherproof parapet walls.


  • 2440mm overall standard length.
  • 25mm external lip.
  • 150mm cavity down-turn.
  • Preformed external angles 450mm x 450mm. Internal 150mm x 150mm.
  • Polypropylene DPC, black.