Damp Proofing

Type Q Arresting Barriers

  • Traditional or timber frame construction.
  • Accommodates cavity widths variance.
  • Base dimension approximately 75mm.
  • Rigid profile eliminates sagging or misplacement.
  • Clear cavity compartment area.
  • Preformed external angles 300mm x 300mm. Internal angles 150mm x 150mm. 
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The function of Type Q barriers is to invisibly arrest and reduce water-wash from an area of cavity wall above a given feature or construction detail. Masonry below the barrier level however still remains damp and receptive to rain penetration. The purpose of the barriers is to influence control of water volumes within a wall and minimise damp transmission risk. Arresting barriers differ from conventional cavitrays and DPCs. The base dimension does not usually travel the full width of the external skin. Arresting barriers can be supplied in almost any special size with dimensions to suit client’s particular needs. Adjoining lengths glove-lap and Siliconbond to make up runs. Please state cavity width being used.


Pre-shaped DPC barriers to arrest water-wash within cavity wall to specific areas or features.


  • Polypropylene, DPC securtex textured finish.
  • 2440mm standard overall length.
  • Base dimension approximately 75mm.
  • Upstand dimension 150mm minimum.
  • Preformed external angles 300mm x 300mm. Internal angles 150mm x 150mm.