Damp Proofing

Type U Cavitray

  • Shaped DPC Cavitray.
  • Integral sill alignment facility.
  • Standard profile illustrated.
  • All profiles and lengths available.
  • Ensures consistent build detail.
  • Puncture-proof and robust.
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The formation of a brick or tile sill is easily accomplished with the use of a Type U undersill tray. Trays are supplied in a variety of profiles to suit the shape of sill required. Once bedded in position, the bricklayer has automatically established an undersill DPC. The sill bricks or tiles can then be laid using the profiled tray as integral guide shuttering. The entire front section of the Type U which projects forward of the masonry line, can be detached later if so desired. A factory positioned groove permits this front portion of the tray to be removed, once the mortar has cured. Type U undersill trays are now available with an optional 25mm polystyrene insulation barrier, bonded to the vertical upstand. (subject to sill design or space permitting.) Specify clearly if this option is required.


For use under brick or tile sills, providing a DPC and integral guide for sill formation.


  • Polypropylene DPC, black.
  • Profile tailored to suit project.
  • Standard profile illustrated.
  • All profiles and lengths available.
  • Provides DPC and integral shuttering.
  • Puncture-proof and robust.
  • Peel-away front tray section.
  • Cavity widths accomodated from 50mm up to 200mm.