Damp Proofing

Type X Multi-course and Multi-depth

  • Ready-shaped attached lead flashing BS EN 12588.
  • Traditional or timber frame construction.
  • Clear cavity compartment area.
  • Sizes to suit: All course heights, All masonry thicknesses, All cavity widths, All pitches of abutment.
  • Solid DPC polypropylene.
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Type X Multi-course are suitable for different masonry dimensions and styles.

Brickwork courses accept standard Type X cavitrays. However, different course sizes are sometimes encountered and a range of gable abutment multicourse cavitrays are available to accommodate different coursing heights. Multicourse cavitrays are based on the design of the Type X. They are proportioned to a accept a variety of walling materials and dimensions. Examples include reconstructed, faced, natural and concrete masonry, in course heights of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm, 225mm. The Cavitray upstands are hinged to suit cavity widths from 50mm up to and including 160mm. The tray base dimensions are suitable for masonry skins of thickness up to 125mm, beyond which special fabricated trays are available to suit all depths.


Cavitrays for gable abutments in sizes other than standard brickwork.


  • Lead flashing BS EN 12588.
  • Specify pitch, lead length, handing, plus details of the external skin thickness and course height.
  • Solid DPC polypropylene, AA.
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