Damp Proofing

Type X Multi-course and Multi-depth

  • Ready-shaped attached lead flashing BS EN 12588.
  • Traditional or timber frame construction.
  • Clear cavity compartment area.
  • Sizes to suit: All course heights, All masonry thicknesses, All cavity widths, All pitches of abutment.
  • Solid DPC polypropylene.
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Type X Multi-course are suitable for different masonry dimensions and styles.

Where different masonry dimensions and/or skin thicknesses are encountered, trays are available from the Multi range to suit. Tray style and functionality is based on the Type X design.

Trays re dimensioned to accomodate the masonry height (coursing) and the masonry depth. The end upstand of every tray (inboard end) rises and integrates with the base of the tray in the course above. A DPC staircase arrangement is created, with connecting treads and connecting risers. Regardless of whether all masonry courses are identical or there is a mixture of courses, all trays connect with each other. The DPC arrangement is unbroken.

If the masonry thickness (exterior skin depth) is greater than the usual standard (105mm nominal) the tray is correspondingly enlarged. Should the exterior skin be in a medium such as natural stone built against a backing block, the tray base is proportioned to extend through the combined thickness.


Cavitrays for gable abutments in sizes other than standard brickwork.


  • Lead flashing BS EN 12588.
  • Specify pitch, lead length, handing, plus details of the external skin thickness and course height.
  • Solid DPC polypropylene.
  • Pitches accomodated 15 degrees - 70 degrees.
  • Cavity widths accomodated 50mm - 160mm.
  • Tray heights 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm,200mm 225mm.