Lintel + Roller Shutter + Security - Cavilintel offers more

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Lintel + Roller Shutter + Security - Cavilintel offers more

Lintel + Roller Shutter + Security

Cavilintel Offers More  

Security, + ventilation + sunshine screening are three of the benefits of using a Cavilintel - the steel lintel that incorpoarates a security shutter within its centre that can be lowered and raised at the touch of a button. 

A product of Cavity Trays Ltd, the Cavilintel differs from alternative roller shutter lintels as it is supplied with accompanying approved Cavitrays and Caviclosers. The contractor receives the entire package to build in including integrated damp control measures to the opening head, sides and sill. 

Push-button controls permit the security shutter to be fully lowered or partially lowered – whichever is preferred. Dependent on the type of shutter slat selected, slots can incorporated along the slat links that permit a degree of ventilation and light emission control, but offer total blackout in the fully closed position. 

When raised, the shutter disappears from sight, coiling within the centre of the Cavilintel. In this position the window or door opening looks just like a conventional opening. There are no surface attachments to obstruct the opening as the ends of the shutter are retained in reinforced guides set back within the cavity. These guides run within insulated vertical cavity closers supplied with the Cavilintel. The closers also close and vertically insulate the cavity reveals, and provide the vertical dpc requirement to satisfy construction regulations. 

Cavilintel packages can include all constructional requirements - cavitrays, caviweeps and vertical guide channel caviclosers. There is no need for additional dpc measures with the complete Cavilintel package. 

With a choice of shutter colours and the option to incorporate a name or message, (visible only when the shutter has descended) the Cavilintel now offers more choices and is the versatile security shutter lintel for domestic and commercial applications.