Synthetic flashing with no theft appeal

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Synthetic flashing with no theft appeal

Synthetic flashing with no theft appeal

can be worked and dressed in the traditional manner

Lead is traditionally used for flashings in UK construction, but where the theft of lead flashings is a consideration, Cavity Trays of Yeovil has the alternative answer; optional synthetic flashings. 

Made to look like lead, the latest synthetic flashings offer visual and functional conformity, but with no theft scrap value appeal.

Cavity Trays has now extended the option of synthetic flashing across all its major flashing-attached lines.

The main photograph shows Type X cavitrays with attached synthetic flashings. 

‘Our synthetic flashing option is proving exceedingly popular where past experience has been costly for the contractor’ commented a Company spokesperson. ‘But it is the ease of using the flashings

that has surprised and appeals to contractors. It is not only as thick as code 4 lead, but it dresses like it as well. Unlike some alternatives, the flashing we secure to our trays offers resilient malleability,

without the spring or bounce associated with some lighter weight types. The thickness is actually very slightly more than code 4 lead, as we wanted a flashing medium that offered lead-like installation

qualities. This thickness is the nearest equivalent. In addition, contractors also have a choice of colours, with grey being the most popular followed by terracotta that is often selected where the architect

wishes to blend the flashing with the roof tile colour. Black is also available’. 

Cavity Trays of Yeovil also supplies the synthetic flashing in rolls, so whether the requirement is for flashing-attached trays or adding your own flashings, the Company is able to supply. 

‘We recommend comparison of the synthetic flashing we use with alternatives’ commented the spokesperson, ‘It has been granted a BBA certificate and importantly offers the installer a robust and substantial

medium that can be worked and dressed on site in the traditional manner’. 

Information about this synthetic flashing is contained within the latest technical manual from Cavity Trays called ‘Protecting the Building Envelope’.

Copies are available without charge to industry disciplines.

Picture caption:

Where lead flashings (circled) are likely to be stolen, synthetic flashings offer an alternative with no intrinsic theft value + colour choices.