New Article - Water Evacuation without Visual Impairment

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New Article - Water Evacuation without Visual Impairment

Water Evacuation without Visual Impairment  

Where a solid stone or timber lintel is used over an external opening, there are no perp joints along the face through which penetrating water can exit. Water evacuation takes place via Caviweeps located at the lintel ends, normally in the first available perp before the Cavitray end / stop end. By selecting a specific Caviweep to suit the face material and finish, visual impact can be minimised, merged and camouflaged. 

Where water penetration and transference is through rendered and some types of natural stone, the frequency and the size of weep outlet via which the water must exit can be reviewed. Beak Caviweeps and Small Telescopic Caviweeps are two examples that permit relatively high volume output in relation to their dimensions. Both are available in various colours permitting the outlet to merge with either the mortar or the masonry. A translucent option provides a further choice. 

Both these Caviweeps also offer different shapes of discharge outlet. 

The Small Telescopic Caviweep has a small rectangular keyhole-style face with louvers that guard against wind ingress. The Beak Caviweep in contrast has a drop outlet on the underside of its slightly protruding beak, so the outlet benefits an umbrella arrangement with no visible vertical opening. 

Five different designs of Caviweep permit the specifier to optimise performance to suit the construction finish and detail. The control of water that penetrates an external skin can only be successful if the accompanying means of exiting the water are appropriate and compatible. Cavity Trays of Yeovil can advise the combination to achieve performance functionality and minimal visual impact. 

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