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Cavity Trays More Customer Benefits

Cavity Trays More Customer Benefits

Cavity Trays of Yeovil has announced it is extending the use of Petheleyne in the manufacture of its products. 

‘Petheleyne has proved so reliable and accommodating on site that we have decided to extend its use across our range of trays’ commented a Company spokesperson. ‘It has better flexibility in colder temperatures and has proved it to be the most reliable of materials. The cold can cause some materials to become too rigid whereas Petheleyne remains effective in a wide temperature range’ 

Petheleyne solid dpc is the material already used by Cavity Trays Ltd in the manufacture of its award winning products granted European Technical Approval. No other tray manufacturer holds this standard. 

Accompanying the European Technical Approval held by Cavity Trays is a long-term performance undertaking in which the functionality of its products is guaranteed for the benefit of Architect, Builder and Client. 

The Company spokesperson went on to clarify:

‘European Technical Approval and the performance undertaking are just two of the accompanying qualities customers receive when they use our products. With the phasing in of Petheleyne at no additional cost to the customer we are pushing customer benefits further. We are the only Company offering this’. 

Cavity Trays is based in Yeovil Somerset and is the longest-established tray company. Its products are extensively used in many countries in new and refurbishment work and in remedial applications to replace traditional methods or alternatives that have proved inadequate.

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