Type OFV-10 Over Fascia Ventilator

  • Hidden ventilation at top of fascia.
  • Polypropylene.
  • Colours: Black or White.
  • 12,500mm² airflow per running metre.
  • Size: 1000mm x 40mm wide x 20mm high.
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Over Fascia Ventilators are suitable for new and refurbishment work. They eliminate the need for visible soffit ventilation and can be installed in non-soffit locations. The Type OFV -10 is shaped to permit easy fixing to the top of the fascia board. It has an airflow rating of 12,500mm² per running metre, making it suitable for use with roof pitches of 15 degrees and above. Integral insect screening and fixing holes.


Alternative entry route for airflow servicing the roof space.


  • Polypropylene.
  • Colours: black or white.
  • 12,500mm2 airflow rating.
  • Size: 1000mm x 40mm wide x 20mm high.
  • For roof pitches of 15 degrees and above.
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