Type RAV-FL Roof Abutment Ventilators

  • Permits roof to breathe at masonry intersection.
  • Integral insect screening.
  • High airflow - 25,000mm² per metre run.
  • Removable when re-roofing.
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The RAV-FL promotes air entry where a flat roof abuts a vertical masonry wall. It is supplied with pre-drilled fixing holes and an integral insect-resistant grille. Each unit is 1.2 metres in length and the heavy-duty profile incorporates an integral pivothold hinge. This hinge permits easy and direct fixing, as the profile may be secured to the vertical board upstand when opened like a book.

The profile is then closed and fixing completed by securing the top of the profile to the masonry wall. An air ventilation path which complies with the current regulations is established at the flat roof intersection. The product is compatible for use with our horizontal intersection cavitrays which may be established at a higher level to permit the flashing to be dressed down to cover the external shell of the RAV-FL profile.


To provide ventilation where flat roofs abut masonry.


  • RAV-FL = 1.2 metres x 200mm o/a x 50mm o/a x 3mm thickness.
  • Integral ventilation grille promotes equivalent of a 25mm continuous gap.
  • PVCU, Grey.
  • Free airflow rating - 25,000mm².